About the Area

About Our City

The City of Belmont was originally established as the Belmont Road Board in 1898 and has since grown into a thriving community of over 30,000 inhabitants, know as the City of Belmont. The City of Belmont comprises of the suburbs of Ascot, Redcliffe, Cloverdale, Kewdale, Rivervale and of course Belmont.
The last decade has seen unprecedented growth in the City, with significant commercial and residential development and the establishment of a number of industries.
Belmont's business precinct is less than 10 minutes from Perth. Affordable land and proximity to air, rail and road transport arteries have drawn businesses to the area. There are also many opportunities to build, develop or lease business premises in Belmont, and car parking is in greater supply that the city, allowing for a significant cost advantage.
Over 5,000 businesses are based in the City of Belmont, ranging from the headquarters of multi-national companies to micro and home based businesses.
Whilst in Belmont is close to the CBD, the area also offers a mix of unique amenities. Ascot Racecourse and the surrounding residential stables precinct is a distinctive feature of the City. Belmont is also proud to have its own marina at Ascot Waters.
There is a great sense of community in Belmont, with strong business networks and lively centres of communities gathering. Faulkner Park is a hub of activity, with a feature playground and a skate park. The Ruth Faulkner Public Library, Council Civic Centre, Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre and Youth & Family Service Centre are also located close by, making it convenient to access services and recreation.
There is an extensive network of public parks and open spaces throughout the suburbs, with a park located within a three minute walk from most homes.
Features of the City included the picturesque Garvey Park on the riverfront and Adachi Park, with its mix of Australian and Japanese influences. Other landmark locations include both the domestic and international airports, Kewdale Fright Terminal and opportunities are created for everyone to live work and recreate in out City - A City of Opportunity.