Buying Tips

As a buyer it is essential that you find the right home. Here are some Buying Tips that can help you allow us to understand your needs and wants to make your dreams come true!
  • Location - Do you need to be close to primary schools or public transport? Or are you after a personal retreat with some peace and quiet
  • Size - Is this block going to be big enough for three kids, two dogs and to store a boat? Is four bedrooms enough space for our expanding family? Do we really want to share a bathroom with the kids?, Think ahead and what your plans for the future  
  • Features - Think about the think about the things that you don't have in your current home, such as is there enough storage space. are we after a pool? do we want a large backyard? is the shed/workshop large enough?
  • Priorites - Once you have your list of needs and wants, rank the priority of each feature. This is to help you to determine what you need and what you would like to your in your new home.
  •  Proffesional Inspections - Building and Termiate Inspections are recommended and always welcome and are great for your peace of mind. They allow you to know that the home you are purchasing is a solid structure
  • Don't always look at the set up of the house when viewing. Things like colour schemes, heavy floral curtains and outdated flooring can always be replaced