Landlord Information



What information and documents do I need to provide in order for you to manage my property?

Documents required in order to manage your property:

• Proof of ownership (If you do not have a copy of your certificate of Title we will be happy to order this on your behalf)
• 100 points of Identification (these may include Owner’s Passport, Driver’s License, Medicare etc.)
• Copy of Trade License (if property is under company's name)
• Signed and completed Management Authority (Provided by Laurie Kelly Real estate)

Information required in order to manage your property:

• Is the property vacant or tenanted?
• Complete contact details of the owner (landline number, mobile, email, mailing address)
• Bank account details of the owner for transferring received rent


What Property Management services will be included?

• Sourcing Reliable Tenants
• Property Advertising
• Property Viewings and Home Opens
• Draw up Lease Agreements
• Bond Lodgements, Variations and Disposals
• Rental Income Collection
• Property Condition Report
• Key Handover
• Lease Management and Renewal
• Quarterly Routine Inspections
• Final Bond Inspections
• Tenant Management and communication
• Follow up on default payment
• Property maintenance management
• Monthly payment processing to owners


If the tenant has a maintenance issue or property enquiry, whom do they call?
All tenant enquiries and maintenance requests will go through their assigned Property Manager.


Does the tenant have my contact details?
No, landlord’s contact details remain private and are not provided to the tenant, any queries that a tenant may have will be directed through to their Property Manager.


Is it possible to sell my property if there is a lease in place?
It is certainly possible to sell your property if the tenant wishes to stay, however the tenancy contract will still need to be honoured by the owner up until it’s expiry.


Can Laurie Kelly Real Estate assist me if I decide to sell my property?
Yes, we would be happy to assist you in the sale of your property, we have a highly skilled, professional sales team who will work with you to achieve the best possible result. We also provide a free, no obligation sales appraisal service for your convenience and peace of mind.